Florida woman September 27 | Marissa Fedrick Was Arrested After Hiring A Homeless Couple Outside Her Store To Watch Her Child
Florida man September 27 | Randall Tran Broke Into His Neighbors Apartment And Started Filming, Throws Trash At Him And Attempts To Flee
Florida man September 27 | Roger Duane Garrett Torched His Car For Insurance Money, Tells Police He's Friends With Prostitutes
Florida woman September 27 | Jacqueline Margaret Hubbard Was Arrested After Letting Police Search Her "Felony Purse" Where They Discovered Crack And Cocaine
Florida man September 26 | Michael John Santos was arrested after getting into argument with girlfriend, pouring water on her.
Florida woman September 20 | Christina Marie Welch stole iPhone from internet cafe, gets busted when victim uses Find My iPhone app
Florida man September 20 | Steven Michael Price and Deva Overman arrested after trying to sell counterfeit goods worth over $2,000,000
Florida man September 20 | Robert Nathan Salwin calls 911 multiple times, curses and uses sexually graphic language. Click here.
Florida woman September 20 | Kimberly Baker gets pulled over for broken tail light, police find weed in her car but she claims "her people" had the car last
Florida woman September 20 | Manouchika Daniels left her child in car while she went to work as a stripper. Click here for the full story.