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José Ramon López Regueiro | Florida Man September 30

the florida man times - florida man September 30 - José Ramon López Regueiro

José Ramon López Regueiro Sues Airlines, Claims To Be Rightful Owner Of Jose Martin Airport | September 30 Havana, Cuba: Cuban-American Florida man José Ramon López Regueiro has filed a lawsuit claiming to be the rightful owner of Havana’s Jose Marti International airport. The man is claiming it was confiscated from his family during Fidel […]

Jacqueline Margaret Hubbard | Florida Woman September 27

Florida woman September 27 Jacqueline Margaret Hubbard

Jacqueline Margaret Hubbard Was Arrested After Letting Police Search Her “Felony Purse” Where They Discovered Crack And Cocaine | September 27 Largo: A Florida woman is behind bars after police say she gave them a peek into what she was carrying inside her “felony purse.” According to reports the woman, Jacqueline Margaret Hubbard, was a […]

Marissa Fedrick | Florida Woman September 27

Florida woman September 27 Marissa Fedrick

Marissa Fedrick Was Arrested After Hiring A Homeless Couple Outside Her Store To Watch Her Child | September 27 Manatee: A 31-year-old Manatee County woman is charged with felony child neglect after she hired a homeless couple she didn’t know to babysit her child. According to reports, Marissa Fedrick hired a homeless couple to babysit […]

Randall Tran | Florida Man September 27

Florida man September 27 Randall Tran

Randall Tran Broke Into His Neighbors Apartment And Started Filming, Throws Trash At Him And Attempts To Flee | September 27 Brevard County: It’s something every homeowner dreads; walking into your home and seeing someone you don’t know inside. Florida man Randall Tran was arrested after being caught doing just that. According to reports, the […]

Roger Duane Garrett | Florida Man September 27

Florida man September 27 Roger Duane Garrett

Roger Duane Garrett Torched His Car For Insurance Money, Tells Police He’s Friends With Prostitutes | September 27 Port Saint John: Florida man Roger Duane Garrett was arrested after a scheme unraveled where he torched a vehicle in order to collect the insurance money. In the process, Garrett caused a brush fire that destroyed over […]

Michael John Santos | Florida Man September 26

Florida man September 26 Michael John Santos

Michael John Santos was arrested after getting into argument with girlfriend, pouring water on her | September 26 Ocala: Florida man Michael John Santos was arrested Sunday after pouring water on his spouse. As he was arrested, the man allegedly told police, “I didn’t know I could be arrested for pouring water on her.” The […]

Roger Woods | Florida Man September 26

Florida man September 26 Roger Woods

Roger Woods gets pulled over for traffic infraction, arrested after trying to hide drugs inside stash can | September 26 Baker County: Police have arrested a Florida man after the reportedly found drugs found inside a WD-40 stash can. According to reports, the incident started after police pulled over the man, Roger Woods. Deputies said […]

Curtis Miller | Florida Man September 26

Florida man September 26 Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller was finally arrested months after he attacked homeowner with samurai sword | September 26 Oakland Park: Florida man Curtis Miller was finally arrested after being identified by police as the man responsible for swinging a sword at another man following a trash dispute. The incident in question took place July 15 in Oakland […]

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