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Florida Man March 30

Florida man finds panther sitting on front porch Florida Man Challenge March 30 A Florida man had an unexpected guest while visiting his father’s home; a panther sitting on the front porch. The man, Phil Hendra, walked outside to see the panther calmly resting on the porch. Photos taken show the panther relaxing in the […]

Florida Man March 29

Florida man yells “come and get me” to police, is arrested Florida Man Challenge March 29 A Florida man who taunted police to “come and get me” is arrested. The events started when police attempted a traffic stop on three four wheelers for driving on a county maintained road. Two of the four wheelers stopped, […]

Florida Man March 25

Officers investigating after Florida man records video driving with injured hooter Florida Man Challenge March 25 It’s no hoot. Wildlife officials are investigating after a Florida man posted a video to YouTube that appears to show an owl in distress. The men in the video are potentially facing charges including keeping an owl captive. In […]

Florida Man March 24

Florida man ticketed for eating pancakes in intersection A Florida man was left reeling after being ticketed for eating pancakes in the middle of an intersection. Officers received reports of a man eating pancakes in the middle of an intersection, with the caller saying the man was sitting in a chair with a small “TV” […]

Florida Man March 23

Florida man on bath salts head butts vehicle, attacks responders Bath salts are something that you shouldn’t play with casually. A Florida man was arrested after head butting a vehicle and attacking a fire official this afternoon. A fire chief was heading to the fire station when he saw the man, Richard Keefer, running in […]

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