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Brandon Charles Glover | Florida Man October 30

Florida man October 30 - Brandon Charles Glover

Brandon Charles Glover Pleads Guilty After Extorting Uber and LinkedIn | October 30 San Jose: Brandon Charles Glover and Vasile Mereacre pleaded guilty in federal court today to their respective roles in an extortion conspiracy involving a plot to extract bounties from victim corporations in exchange for the defendants’ promise to delete stolen confidential data. […]

Leonardo Fernandez | Florida Man October 28

Florida man October 28 - Leonardo Fernandez

Leonardo Fernandez Plays Ninja, Gets Arrested After Throwing Nunchucks At Car | October 28 Hillsborough County: Florida man, Leonardo Fernandez, a 56-year-old Tampa man is accused of throwing nunchucks through a car window at a traffic light. The Sheriff’s Office said the road rage incident happened near the intersection of West Linebaugh Avenue and Sheldon […]

John Speicher | Florida Man October 27

Florida man October 27 - John Speicher

John Speicher Boned, Is ID’d After Stealing Condoms and Lubricant From Walmart | October 27 Charlotte County: Investigators say they have identified a man wanted for two retail thefts this month, and are still trying to locate him. According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect is 24-year-old John Speicher. They say he stole […]

Jayson William Martich | Florida Man October 26

Florida man October 26 - Jayson William Martich

Jayson William Martich On Trial For Stealing $17,000 From Meadville Restaurant | October 26 Crawford County: A Florida man is headed to trial on charges that he stole nearly $17,000 in a late-night burglary at Firehouse Tap & Grille earlier this year. Jayson William Martich, 23, of West Palm Beach, Florida, waived his preliminary hearing […]

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