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Casey Sosnowski | Florida Woman August 10

Florida woman August 10 Casey Sosnowski

Casey Sosnowski Went On Hiking Trip To Get Instagram Likes, Gets Called Out By Sister For Just Posing In Her Backyard | August 10 The Villaques: A Florida woman called out her sister for a “hiking” Instagram post that never ventured past the backyard. Casey Sosnowski had not posted in a while and decided Saturday […]

Chelsea Nichole Madill | Florida Woman August 8

Florida woman August 8 Chelsea Nichole Madill

Chelsea Nichole Madill Imported Copious Amounts Of Cocaine; Gets Arrested After Driver Snitches | August McAllen: A Florida woman who used her company as a front to move cocaine for the Mexican drug cartel pleaded guilty last week to a drug conspiracy charges. Chelsea Nichole Madill pleaded true to one count of conspiracy to distribute […]

Mary Magdalene Jackson | Florida Woman August 8

Florida woman August 8 Mary Magdalene Jackson

Mary Magdalene Jackson Didn’t Want To Take Her Kids To Grandma’s House; So She Paid A Meth Head To Drive Them Instead | August 8 Chilton County, ALA: Bizarre incident leads to the arrest of Florida woman Mary Magdalene Jackson and a Florida man she paid to transport her children. The incident started when a […]

Lavitress Williams | Florida Woman August 6

Florida woman August 6 Lavitress Williams

Lavitress Williams Spent 6 Years In Prison For Check Fraud, Gets Arrested While On Supervised Release… For Check Fraud | August 6 Orlando: Florida woman, Lavitress Williams, who was jailed in 2013 for a check fraud scheme was sentenced Monday for similar crimes after pleading guilty to using counterfeit checks at dozens of Central Florida […]

Arayia Hudson | Florida Woman August 3

Florida woman August 3 Arayia Hudson

Arayia Hudson Was Wanted On Multiple Warrants, Turns Herself In, Gets Arrested For Smuggling Contraband, Doesn’t Profit | August 3 Pasco County: Florida woman Arayia Hudson had her conscious eating at her for her outstanding warrants. So she turned herself in hoping to smuggle contraband into the prison. Pasco County sheriff’s deputies arrested the woman […]

Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov | Florida Man August 3

Florida Man August 3 Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov

Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov Stole $1,000 Sweater In July To “Get His Brother” Something Nice, Gets Arrested | August 3 Boca Raton: When in Florida, do as the Florida man does. Shoplifting a sweater in July might have been the giveaway to Florida man Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov’s scheme. Before police were done, they allege, they had […]

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