Florida man August 31 | Edward Brinkmann Being Investigated After Allegedly Stealing Over $70,000,000 From Foreign Oil Companies
Florida man August 31 | Eric Michael Smith Rents U-Haul, Gets Arrested After Keeping It For 24 Days Because He "Didn't Have A Ride Back Home"
Florida woman August 30 | Nicole Johnson Is Facing Three Years In Prison After Defrauding IRS Out Of Over $1,300,000. Full story.
Florida man August 31 | Carlos Mendez Is Pulled Over in Georgia For Traffic Infraction, Police Find 2,500 Grams Of Meth, He's Sentenced To 46 Months
Florida man August 31 | Robert Stalnaker Was Arrested After Selling Drugs To Undercover Cop, Police Find Variety Store Of Pills And Guns At His Home
Florida man August 30 | Michael Norman Schmotzer, Drives While Suspended, Runs A Stop Sign And Flees From Police, Drives Home To Momma
Florida man August 30 | Roderick Lavon Sheffield Gets 20 Years After His 26th Felony Where He Was Caught On Camera Stealing Tools
Florida man August 30 | Abraham Amado Acosta Gets Pulled Over For Speeding, He Was Driving With Suspended License And In Possession Of A Stolen Gun
Florida woman August 30 | Mary Beth Hurd Steals Her Dad's Narcotics And His Car, Flees From Home And Crashes 1 Minute Up The Street
Florida man August 30 | Robert Fisher Sets Up Sham Companies To Defraud Xerox Out Of Over $25,000,000 In Toner, Profits Wildly