Christopher Canfora | Florida Man April 7

Christopher Canfora Pulls Dick Move, Gets Arrested After Purposely Coughing On Cashier | April 7

De Bary: A DeBary man’s intentional cough on a store employee after commenting on the business’ efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus was deemed a deadly weapon. The man Christopher Canfora allegedly went into a Harbor Freight Tools location early Tuesday morning.

After walking through the store he approached the register and laughed at the tape markers on the floor placed 6 feet apart.

“This is getting out of hand, this is why everywhere I go I cough behind everyone with a mask on,” Canfora allegedly said the 21-year-old cashier before intentionally coughing on her and the register.

According to reports Canfora, 49, told police that his occupations was an “EMS” — emergency medical services — with “AMR.” After Canfora paid for his three items he allegedly told the cashier that he was going to do the same thing at a nearby grocery store.

When police questioned him, Canfora said he didn’t expect anyone to understand his sense of humor and he couldn’t remember exactly what he said at Harbor Freight Tools store.

Police charged Christopher Canfora with third-degree aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony charge.

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