Randall Tran | Florida Man September 27

Randall Tran Broke Into His Neighbors Apartment And Started Filming, Throws Trash At Him And Attempts To Flee | September 27

Brevard County: It’s something every homeowner dreads; walking into your home and seeing someone you don’t know inside. Florida man Randall Tran was arrested after being caught doing just that.

According to reports, the victim came home to see Tran filming inside his apartment. When Tran was confronted, he threw a bag of trash at the man and fled the scene. The bag of trash hit the victim in the face.

Police were called to the scene to investigate. An arrest report says that Tran locked himself inside his apartment and refused to come out for questioning.

Randall Tran was charged with battery. The arrest report did not list any injuries suffered by the victim.

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