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Katie Jade Gates | Florida Woman September 25

Florida woman September 25 Katie Jade Gates

Katie Jade Gates was mad she couldn’t get more tomatoes at dinner, so she attacked her grandparents | September 25 Nassau: Katie Jade Gates, a Florida Woman, was arrested for assaulting her grandmother after being denied extra tomatoes at dinner. According to reports, the woman’s Grandmother said the woman got greedy and wanted to eat […]

Malachi Love-Robinson | Florida Man September 25

Florida man September 25 Malachi Love-Robinson

Malachi Love-Robinson known as Dr. Love released from prison after playing doctor | September 25 West Palm Beach: 22 year old Florida man Malachi Love-Robinson, who impersonated being a doctor so that he could steal from patients, has been released from custody. According to reports, Robinson known as “Dr. Love,” was released Monday, about 20 […]

Anthony Robertson | Florida Man September 24

Florida man September 24 Anthony Robertson

Anthony Robertson uses kite string handle to rob store, gets tackled by bystanders while trying to flee | September 24 Ormond Beach: Two bystanders sprung into action when Florida man Anthony Robertson attempted to rob a store earlier this week. According to reports, Robertson was wearing a mask and latex gloves when he entered a […]

Craig Lawrence Fuller | Florida Man September 24

Florida man September 24 Craig Lawrence Fuller

Craig Lawrence Fuller gets caught masturbating outside Chipotle, because their food really is that good | September 24 Pembroke Pines: Florida man Craig Lawrence Fuller was arrested Saturday after he was caught masturbating in his car outside a Chipotle restaurant in Pembroke Pines. According to reports, a witness called police to report that a man, […]

Timothy Hall | Florida Man September 23

Florida man September 23 Timothy Hall

Timothy Hall was arrested after knocking girlfriend unconscious and taking her car keys | September 23 Ocala: Florida man Timothy Hall was arrested after he allegedly knocked his girlfriend unconscious and stole her car. According to reports, the victim told an Ocala Police officer that she and Hall got into an argument around 4 p.m. […]

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