Michael John Santos | Florida Man September 26

Michael John Santos was arrested after getting into argument with girlfriend, pouring water on her | September 26

Ocala: Florida man Michael John Santos was arrested Sunday after pouring water on his spouse. As he was arrested, the man allegedly told police, “I didn’t know I could be arrested for pouring water on her.”

The alleged victim told deputies that she and Michael John Santos, 30, of NE 31st Court, got into a verbal argument when Santos accused her of past cheating. The victim said she went and laid down in her older daughter’s bedroom to de-escalate the situation.

That’s when Santos entered the room and poured water on her. She said she left the room in fear of what may happen next. The victim said Santos then grabbed a beer and tried to pour it on her while continuing to say “mean things” to her. She said she was afraid Santos was going to hurt her, so she ran out of the residence and called 911.

The victim told the deputies that a week earlier, on Sept. 14, she and Santos had a few beers together when they began to argue as he accused her of cheating.

She said Santos hit her on the head with his shoe, then grabbed her and began “tossing her around,” causing her to make contact with a wall inside the home. The victim said she was able to leave and stay at a friend’s house after the incident. A deputy observed the victim’s left bicep was bruised.

After being read his Miranda rights, Santos told the deputies he and the victim were “arguing over personal matters” when the victim went into the older daughter’s bedroom. Santos said he was agitated and entered the bedroom and poured water on the victim.

Michael John Santos was charged with two counts of domestic battery and taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was still being held on Tuesday.

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