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Millanie Sherbrook | Florida Woman October 17

Florida Woman Times - October 17 - Millanie Sherbrook

Millanie Sherbrook Wanted A Divorce, So She Pointed A Gun At Her Husband And Made Him Sign Papers | October 17 Pensacola: Divorce can sometimes bring out the worst features in people. Florida woman Millanie Sherbrook was arrested after she allegedly forced her husband to sign divorce papers, while pointing a gun at him. According […]

Ashley McClintock | Florida Woman October 16

Florida woman October 16 Ashley McClintock

Ashley McClintock Was Arrested After Pulling Gun On Domino’s Pizza Employee, Tells Police She Was Desperate For Money For Heroin | October 16 Titusville: Florida woman Ashley McClintock was arrested after she walked into a Dominos pizza with a gun and demanded “all you’ve got.” According to arrest reports the woman told police that she […]

Melanie Hancox | Florida Woman October 12

Florida woman October 12 Melanie Hancox

Melanie Hancox Gets Arrested After Standing Drunk In A McDonald’s Drive-Thru With Her 3 Year Old In A Stroller | October 12 New Port Richey: Florida woman Melanie Hancox was arrested after she was found standing in the middle of a drive thru of a McDonalds restaurant. According to reports, Hancox, 35, was “severely inebriated” […]

Denise Coggin | Florida Woman October 8

Florida woman October 8 Denise Coggin

Denise Coggin Used Stolen Identity Of Dead Person To Purchase Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Electronics, Ships Them To Malaysia | October 8 Ormond Beach: An Ormond Beach woman used fake identification, including that of a dead person, to fraudulently order almost $18,000 worth of computers and other devices from a Tampa company she shipped […]

Nicholas Skaroulis | Florida Woman October 7

Florida man October 7 Nicholas Skaroulis

Nicholas Skaroulis Faces Up To One Year In Prison For Selling Sponges Without Telling US Fish And Wildlife | October 7 Tampa: A Florida man faces up to a year in federal prison for selling sponges without the proper inspections. According to reports the man, Nicholas Skaroulis, was charged in relation to the incident. A […]

Ena R Boulton | Florida Woman October 5

the florida man times - florida woman October 5 - Ena R Boulton

Ena R Boulton Arrested For Playing Doctor, Leaving Woman In Coma After Failed Butt Enhancement | October 5 Hialeah: A woman accused of performing a butt enlargement procedure that nearly killed her patient faces felony charges. Ena Boulton, 60, was arrested Thursday after Hialeah Police Department detectives said she injected Mariela Alonso, 33, with a […]

Kristina Perkins | Florida Woman October 5

the florida man times - florida woman October 5 - Kristina Perkins

Kristina Perkins Tried To Steal Cartload Of Merchandise From Store, Attempts To Flee Through Ceiling | October 5 Charlotte County: Florida woman Kristina Perkins was accused of shoplifting from a Big Lots in Charlotte County. The woman then sent deputies on a wild chase Thursday night after she climbed into the store’s ceiling when she […]

Ava Mooring | Florida Woman October 5

the florida man times - florida woman October 5 - Ava Mooring

Stripper Ava Mooring Was Arrested After Firing Shots At Woman Who Was Fighting With Her Over Man | October 5 Jacksonville: Florida stripper Ava Mooring who worked at Wacko’s Strip Club was arrested after an incident where a fight turned into shots fired at the club last week. Police say Ava Mooring was in a […]

Jesusadelaida Lopez | Florida Woman October 4

Florida woman October 4 Jesusadelaida Lopez

Jesusadelaida Lopez Is Facing Charges For Trying To Hire A Hit Man, While In Prison, To Kill Her Husband | October 4 Polk County: Florida woman Jesusadelaida Lopez, who was arrested in February for the practice of unlicensed health care is now charged with attempting to hire someone to kill a witness in her case […]

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