Florida Woman

Florida woman October 17 | Millanie Sherbrook Wanted A Divorce, So She Pointed A Gun At Her Husband And Made Him Sign Papers
Florida woman October 16 | Ashley McClintock Was Arrested After Pulling Gun On Domino's Pizza Employee, Tells Police She Was Desperate For Money For Heroin
Florida woman October 15 | Jane Galitello Walked Into A Room And Saw Man Watching Topless Woman On TV, Beats Him With Metal Detector
Florida woman September 27 | Marissa Fedrick Was Arrested After Hiring A Homeless Couple Outside Her Store To Watch Her Child
Florida woman September 27 | Jacqueline Margaret Hubbard Was Arrested After Letting Police Search Her "Felony Purse" Where They Discovered Crack And Cocaine
Florida woman September 20 | Manouchika Daniels left her child in car while she went to work as a stripper. Click here for the full story.
Florida woman September 20 | Kimberly Baker gets pulled over for broken tail light, police find weed in her car but she claims "her people" had the car last
Florida woman September 20 | Christina Marie Welch stole iPhone from internet cafe, gets busted when victim uses Find My iPhone app
Florida woman September 12 | Fearea Sullivan Tried Robbing A Bank But Gets Denied, Claims Someone Is Forcing Her To Do It
Florida woman September 12 | Kimberly Ruth Mann Got Into Argument With Her Spouse, Pokes Him With A Broomstick Before Biting His Arm