Kimberly Baker | Florida Woman September 20

Kimberly Baker gets pulled over for broken tail light, police find weed in her car but she claims “her people” had the car last | September 20

Ocala: What started out as a traffic stop for a broken tail light turned into a ride to jail for Florida woman Kimberly Baker.

According to reports, police stopped Baker while she was driving a Chevy Malibu on NW 35th Avenue Rd. late Monday night. He asked her if anyone else had driven her car and said, “I just got it back from my people.”

The officer reported smelling the odor of marijuana coming from inside Baker’s vehicle. He asked her if there was marijuana in the car and she said she didn’t know what her “people” may have left in her Chevy when they had it.

The officer requested backup units and instructed Baker to turn off her car and hand him the keys. She told him she wouldn’t consent to a search of her vehicle and was then asked to exit the Chevy and sit on a nearby curb.

When the backup units arrived, the officer searched Baker’s vehicle and found a plastic cigar wrapper in the driver’s door that contained a green leafy substance. He also found plastic baggies in the center console, one of which contained a green leafy substance.

The other baggie contained multiple “roaches,” similar to remnants of burnt marijuana cigarettes, the report says, adding that all of the green leafy substance and the roaches tested positive for marijuana.

When asked about the marijuana, Baker again told the officer her friends had recently had possession of her vehicle. She refused to provide the names of those friends and was then placed under arrest.

Kimberly Baker was transported to the jail and charged with possession of marijuana less than 20 grams.

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