Robert Nathan Salwin | Florida Man September 20

Robert Nathan Salwin calls 911 multiple times, curses and uses sexually graphic language | September 20

Marathon: A Florida man is accused of making vulgar calls to 911 that included obscenities and sexually graphic language. According to reports the man, Robert Nathan Salwin, made vulgar calls to 911 that included cursing and sexually graphic language.

Police have said the details of his four 911 phone calls were not included in a news release with other news outlets because they are too offensive. But we believe in free speech so here you go. Salwin left two vulgar recordings. In the first, Salwin repeatedly references deputies “sucking huge d–ck” and “huge c–ck.” In another, he refers to deputies as “b—tch” and claims “they f—ing suck.”

Dispatchers played the recordings back to deputies, who tracked Salwin down and arrested him in Marathon. Police said that Salwin is well-known to law enforcement for frequent alcohol-related encounters with deputies.

Robert Nathan Salwin, 44, of Marathon, was arrested Wednesday on a charge of misuse of 911.

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