Silvia Mordini | Florida Man April 4

Silvia Mordini Goes On Yoga Retreat, Returns To Find The World On Lockdown | April 4

St. Petersburg: Imagine a life where you were unaware the pandemic was even taken place. That’s the reality for Florida woman Silvia Mordini. According to reports, Mordini went to a secluded retreat in Bali, Indonesia on the very morning Florida’s first two cases made the front page of various news papers.

Mordini was leading a program for 20 people from 10 countries. The days were filled with 6 a.m. yoga sessions, silent vegetarian breakfasts and Powerpoint presentations on how to be “peace ambassadors” in the world.

Everyone in the group was segregated from the outside world. WiFi and cell service were hard to come by. While they were self isolating, they had no clue that the world was doing the same. With travel options weaning and countries closing their borders, the question was… how would everyone get home?

Mordini just wanted to get back on U.S. soil. Her journey included four canceled flights. She was looking at ticket options that cost $6,000 and $13,000. She finally booked one for $800 that would take her to Japan and then Chicago.

The experience was a shock, Silvia Mordini said, but not an altogether unfamiliar one. Her advice is to accept a “new normal,” because there is no going back to the way things were going to be before the pandemic. And to consider life in manageable chunks.

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