Steven Michael Price | Florida Man September 20

Steven Michael Price and Deva Overman arrested after trying to sell counterfeit goods worth over $2,000,000 | September 20

West Palm Beach: The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people and seized more than $2 million in a counterfeit property. Steven Michael Price, 32, and Deva Overman, 37, are facing charges related to offering to sell more than $20,000 worth of counterfeit goods.

According to reports, police received information that Price sold large quantities of counterfeit watches through the LetGo App using the user name of Deva Overman.

Deputies set up a buy during which Price offered 37 counterfeit watches for up to $300 apiece. Price told investigators he sold hundreds of counterfeit watches a month.

Investigators used a search warrant at his home where they found bags of counterfeit watches and property worth more than $2.3 million. Both suspects appeared in court on Thursday morning. Steven Michael Pricefaces an additional weapons charge as a deputy found a loaded gun in his car.

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