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Latamara Taylor Beat Her Kids For Eating Ravioli, Gets Arrested When She Hit The Boys Father With A Car | August 5

Miami: Before leaving for work, Latamara Taylor told her two young sons that they had to call her if they wanted something to eat. They called but she didn’t answer.

The 9 and 6 year old boys then helped themselves to a can of ravioli because they were hungry. Police say when Taylor came home, she “became irate” and used an extension cord to hit both boys on their legs, back and torso.

According to an arrest report, she left the boys alone in their Miami home May 24 so she could go to work.

“When the defendant returned home and saw that they had eaten the ravioli, she became irate, grabbed an extension cord and began hitting both victims over their legs, lower torso, thighs, hips and buttocks areas,” the officer wrote. “After the defendant beat the victims, she did not provide any medical treatment for their injuries.”

After beating them with the cord, Taylor brought them to their father’s house.

Latamara Taylor was arrested on charges of aggravated battery after police say she struck the boys’ father with a car and pinning him down while the boys were in the car. She was also charged with child abuse and child neglect.

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