Florida man July 26 | Jonathan Whitney Passed Out Naked In Stranger's Home, Gets Poked To Wake Up, Steal's Child's Boxers, Hides In Bushes From Police
Florida man July 26 | Felix Taylor Didn't Like That A Pregnant Woman Was Smoking So He Slapped Her And Allegedly Hit Her In The Abdomen
Florida woman July 26 | Migdalia Cruz And Her Son Had Just Won $20,000 In A Scratch Off Game, Get Arrested For Selling Heroin Outside Of A School
Florida woman July 25 | Nicole Yanine Siroky Was Arrested For Identity Theft, Stealing From People Across The USA And Canada, Crazy Eh?
Florida woman July 25 | Brittany Leeann Mapel Was Arrested After Cream Pieing Mom In The Face, Snatches Phone From Brother Who Tried To Call Police
Florida woman July 25 | Sales Were Slow So Jada Monet Wright Stole People's Identities, Open Store Credit Cards In Their Names And Profited
Florida woman July 24 | Anastacia Tasch Wanted Sex, So She Snuck Up To Her Sleeping Husband And Squeezed His Nuts.. Because Florida
Florida man July 24 | William Leal-Vasquez Was Arrested After Getting Drunk, Trespassing and Urinating On A Cop Car. Full story here.
Florida man July 24 | Jacob Hisel Gave Police His Brother's Name To Avoid Being Arrested; His Brother Also Had A Warrant For His Arrest
Florida woman July 23 | Jessica Y. Nazario Got Into Argument With Family Member Who Accidentally Spat On Her, Scratches Him And Gets Arrested