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Chelsea Nichole Madill Imported Copious Amounts Of Cocaine; Gets Arrested After Driver Snitches | August

McAllen: A Florida woman who used her company as a front to move cocaine for the Mexican drug cartel pleaded guilty last week to a drug conspiracy charges. Chelsea Nichole Madill pleaded true to one count of conspiracy to distribute narcotics in connection with an investigation into her and drug cartel associates.

Madill was arrested in January as part of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation that began in April 2008 into an unnamed drug trafficking organization operating in the Rio Grande Valley.

Federal agents allege that based on its investigation, the 29-year-old woman used two companies to coordinate the transportation of hidden loads of cocaine from the Valley to other locations in the U.S.

In May 2018, DEA agents, who were conducting surveillance on a warehouse located in McAllen, observed Madill arrive at the location and exit the vehicle she arrived in. Agents observed Madill exit the aforementioned warehouse, and meet with the driver of a tractor trailer that had arrived at the location.

The agents subsequently pulled over the tractor trailer and searched its contents after the driver gave consent for a search. During the search agents discovered 22 vacuum-sealed bundles of cocaine, weighing about 28.5 kilograms, after a post-arrest interview, the driver was released.

Through the investigation, and by using toll records, agents discovered Madill used a cell phone to communicate with other members of the drug trafficking organization while she was in McAllen.

Madill had purchased several GPS tracking devices; many of which were used to track the cover loads that were found to contain cocaine seized on May 25, 2018 — as well as other cover loads that are believed to have been used to transport drugs and bulk U.S. cash.

After the seizure in May 2018, agents learned from another cooperating defendant that Madill worked for the drug trafficking organization, and that the drugs originated in McAllen. The cooperating defendant admitted that “he/she” had worked for Madill as a money courier, and purchaser of cocaine, and helped identify other members of the drug trafficking organization working with Madill.

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