Frederic Sterry Smith | Florida Man August 3

Frederic Sterry Smith Wrote Anti Gay Remark On Napkin, Stuffed It Down Manager’s Blouse, Flees The Scene | August 3

St Augustine: Florida man Frederic Sterry Smith was arrested by police for writing an anti-gay remark on his waiter’s receipt after dining at a local restaurant, stuffing the bill down the manager’s blouse when confronted, and fleeing the scene.

Smith and a female companion finished their meal at Milagro On 12 Latin Kitchen in St. Augustine, Naples Daily News reports, before things quickly took a turn for the worse.

The man left no tip and wrote “if he wasn’t gay” on the bill, police said. The male waiter notified the female restaurant manager of the offensive note, who proceeded to approach the man outside the establishment.

Smith admitted to the deed before yanking the receipt from the manager’s hands. He then ripped it up, grabbed her collar, pulled her shirt open and shoving “the torn check down her shirt, touching her breast with his hand.

Law enforcement officials were contacted, and police tracked down Smith within an hour. When questioned, the man reportedly became “verbally abusive and angry,” denying the stunt.

Frederic Sterry Smith was arrested and charged with simple battery.

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