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Celeste Dorsey Gets Arrested With 25 Lbs Of Weed At Airport; Blames It On The TSA | August 1

Tallahassee: Police have arrested 25-year-old Celeste Dorsey at the Tallahassee International Airport on marijuana charges.

The incident happened last Friday (July 26th) when one of TPD’s K-9 units picked up a scent on two bags on the baggage claim carousel. Officials then said they saw Dorsey coming from the terminal to the baggage area and met up with Gerald Dickey.

Both grabbed their bags on the carousel and started walking towards the nearest exit where they were placed under arrest by TPD.

Police say Dorsey claimed all of the bags, but denied there being any illegal substances in the luggage, and that if there was any contraband inside her bags, it was placed there by airport personnel.

Officials ended up letting Dickey go because in their investigation, they discovered Dickey was a good friend of Dorsey and was only helping her carry her bags after she bought his plane ticket.

TPD says Dickey had no prior knowledge of her being in the airport to begin with. After the incident, officials obtained a search warrant for the luggage and found wrapped bags of cannabis, weighing over 25 pounds in all.

Celeste Dorsey was arrested and charged with trafficking cannabis and possession of paraphernalia.

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