Lavitress Williams | Florida Woman August 6

Lavitress Williams Spent 6 Years In Prison For Check Fraud, Gets Arrested While On Supervised Release… For Check Fraud | August 6

Orlando: Florida woman, Lavitress Williams, who was jailed in 2013 for a check fraud scheme was sentenced Monday for similar crimes after pleading guilty to using counterfeit checks at dozens of Central Florida drugstores.

The latest charges were the result of using counterfeit checks to defraud more than $70,000 at about 40 Walgreens and CVS stores in Central Florida. The fraud was carried out over five months while Williams was on supervised release as part of the 2013 case.

In 2013, she was sentenced to more than five years in prison plus three years of supervised release after pleading guilty to using more than 100 fake checks at dozens of Target stores in four states. The retailer lost more than $44,000 in that scheme.

In the latest scheme Lavitress Williams was sentenced to six years in federal prison for wire fraud, passing counterfeit checks and violating her supervised release.

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