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Anastacia Tasch Wanted Sex, So She Snuck Up To Her Sleeping Husband And Squeezed His Nuts.. Because Florida | July 24

Bradenton: Florida woman Anastacia Tasch was apparently just trying to get a rise out of her sleeping husband. The woman was arrested after squeezing his testicles so hard that he had trouble walking.

According to reports Anastacia Tasch on July 22 approached her husband while he was sleeping on the couch and “without provocation or permission walked over to the victim and grabbed his genitals.”

Tasch admitted doing so but that she “did this in a sexual manner because she was attempting to arouse the victim in an effort to have sexual intercourse.”

The sheriff’s office noted on a press release that perhaps “How about just a kiss next time” would have been a better approach.

Tasch was arrested and is facing a single charge of misdemeanor battery.

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