William Leal-Vasquez | Florida Man July 24

William Leal-Vasquez Was Arrested After Getting Drunk, Trespassing and Urinating On A Cop Car | July 24

Fort Pierce: When you have to go, you have to go. Florida man William Leal-Vasquez is facing charges after he allegedly was caught urinating on a police cruiser.

The incident started when the man apparently had a few drinks after he was done work. He decided that he needed to use the bathroom so he rode his bike into a gated police station and urinated on a police vehicle.

Leal-Vasquez ignored the various “do not enter” signs when he entered the gated parking lot and urinated on the passenger side of a police cruiser.

Police saw the man on security video and went outside to confront the man. He was arrested without incident.

William Leal-Vasquez is facing charges of trespassing.

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