Nicole Yanine Siroky | Florida Woman July 25

Nicole Yanine Siroky Was Arrested For Identity Theft, Stealing From People Across The USA And Canada, Crazy Eh? | July 25

Daytona Beach: Daytona Beach Shores police have arrested Nicole Yanine Siroky after a 10-month-long investigation of her involvement behind an identity theft ring. The ring was targeting people and businesses in Volusia County.

Siroky, of Daytona Beach, victimized more than 28 businesses and 68 people across the nation and Canada. Police began investigating the suspect in September 2018 after Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort reported a fraud. One month later, detectives arrested Siroky at the Atlantic Cove Motel on grand theft charges.

Police found multiple motel rooms under her name, where they discovered a fraud lab, complete with credit card-making equipment, personal identifying information, electronic devices and hundreds of counterfeit cards.

Police also uncovered two stolen guns, heroin and narcotics paraphernalia.

Nicole Yanine Siroky is facing multiple charges including organized scheme to defraud over $20,000, fraudulent use of personal identifying information of 30 or more people, and trafficking more than 50 counterfeit credit cards.

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