Brittany Leeann Mapel | Florida Woman July 25

Brittany Leeann Mapel Was Arrested After Cream Pieing Mom In The Face, Snatches Phone From Brother Who Tried To Call Police | July 25

Holiday: A home in Holiday, Florida, near Tampa, was the scene of a messy confrontation. Florida woman Brittany Leeann Mapel was arrested after she threw a lemon cream cake in her mom’s face without her permission.

Police responded to a disturbance call made contact with a woman who alleged her daughter had attacked her. Police arrived on scene and saw cake all over the home and the mother covered in the dessert.

The victim said the suspect, later identified as Brittany Leeann Mapel, had smashed lemon cream cake in her face “without her consent.” A witness, Mapel’s brother, corroborated his 51-year-old mother’s account.

He told officers that when he attempted to call 911 to report the alleged violence, his sister “snatched” his phone away and reportedly declared, “Nobody is calling the cops today.”

Brittany Leeann Mapel was arrested on charges of battery and tampering with a witness.

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