Van Arnold | Florida Man July 15

Van Arnold Failed At Attempting To Pick Up A Woman, So He Went To His Vehicle And Grabbed An Axe | July 15

Jacksonville: While most people are able to control the feelings of lust towards others, some people have clear issues with self control. Florida man Van Arnold was arrested after hitting on a woman failed, so he went to get an axe from his car.

The incident started when the man entered a store and tried to proposition a female worker behind the counter. He sexually harassed the woman telling her that he wanted to come behind the counter in order to have sex with her.

Arnold then tried to lure the mother, who was with her child, to the back of the store. After continuing to creep out store employees and patrons, the man was kicked out of the store.

Witnesses on the scene say that Arnold went back to his truck and grabbed an axe. He then began walking towards the woman and a child that he had propositioned earlier.

Luckily police were hanging out in the parking lot as the situation unfolded. Officers were able to stop the suspect before he hurt anyone. Officers stunned Arnold with a Taser.

Van Arnold was arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence.

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