Tavares Wilson | Florida Man July 14

Tavares Wilson Was Arrested For Luring Men From Dating Sites; Robbing Them At Knife Point | July 14

Gainesville: In the quest for love people tend to do some crazy things; like online dating. While most people have pleasant experiences, some people fall victim to those online. Florida man Tavares Wilson was arrested after luring men online and robbing them at knife point.

According to an arrest report Wilson would convince men to meet in person through the website by offering sex with a woman for money. He managed to rob a number of people using that same tactic.

An undercover police officer contacted the man to arrange a time to meet up. Wilson was using a texting app meant to conceal his real cellphone number. When police arrived on the scene, they recognized the man’s vehicle from earlier victim testimony.

Wilson had an accomplice in his vehicle who had been part of the robberies. The female accomplice Leila Ann Johnson was arrested at the scene. Wilson attempted to flee but was easily stopped by a K9 deputy.

Officers found Wilson had crack cocaine, powder cocaine, crystal meth and a semiautomatic handgun in the driver’s seat.

Tavares Wilson was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession with intent to sell a controlled substance, possession with intent to sell amphetamine, resisting an officer without violence and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

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