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Florida Man July 15 Chris Cordarrel Anderson

Chris Cordarrel Anderson Got A Case Of The Road Rage; Fired A Gun At A Vehicle Whose Driver Cut Him Off | July 15

Wesley Chapel: Road rage is definitely real. We can get it when people cut us off or drive to slow. Most people are mild mannered enough to let it go but this is Florida we’re talking about. Florida man Chris Cordarrel Anderson was arrested after firing a gun at a vehicle.

The events started to unfold when police received a call from a driver letting them know that a man had shot at him. The victim was heading north on Interstate 75 when Anderson rolled up next to him, rolled down his window and flashed what appeared to be a gun.

Anderson allegedly shot at the vehicle multiple times.

Police were able to catch up with the man and when they tried to pull Anderson over, they say he drove away at a high speed through streets and yards. Upon questioning, deputies said Anderson said he shot the other vehicle with a BB gun. He admitted to fleeing from deputies.

Chris Cordarrel Anderson charged with shooting a deadly missile at an occupied vehicle and aggravated assault.

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