Donald Allen Moran | Florida Man July 16

Donald Allen Moran Was Arrested After Leaving Naked With On Side Of The Highway, Setting Her Car On Fire And Slapping A Witness | July 16

Pensacola: It’s no longer a surprise to learn that Florida men and women do some pretty messed up things. In today’s news Florida man Donald Allen Moran was arrested after he left his naked wife on the side of the highway, lit her car on fire and then slapped a witness.

According to reports, police had originally responded to a call to a neighborhood after receiving reports of a vehicle that was set on fire. The man who called in the fire was a victim of Moran who had slapped him across the face after he witnessed the man light the vehicle on fire.

The witness said Moran briefly watched the vehicle burning before spraying it with a water hose. It was at that point he walked to the male witness’s home and allegedly assaulted him.

Police were forced to break into the suspect’s home after he refused to speak to them about the location of his wife. She was later found, telling officers that Moran had left her on a highway without clothing after they had spent the day at the beach. She had to flag down another car and was taken to her sister’s home.

This isn’t his first run in with the law. Moran was previously convicted of sexual battery on a victim under the age of 12 in 1986.

Donald Allen Moran was arrested and is facing one count of battery and two counts of second-degree arson.

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