Timothy Davis | Florida Man July 9

Driving Drunk Was Too Mainstream For Florida Man Timothy Davis; So He Drove With Heroin Up His Ass | July 9

Hudson: While most people would pull over at the sight of flashing lights, unfortunately common sense doesn’t prevail everywhere. Florida man Timothy Davis was arrested after attempting to flee from police, while hiding a container of heroin in his ass.

Early Saturday morning in Pasco County, deputies attempted to pull over 27-year-old Timothy Davis for changing lanes without using a turn signal. He chose to flee from the traffic stop instead.

At one point, Davis started driving southbound in the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 19 and he eventually drove over the median and struck a fence.

The man attempted to flee on foot, but they caught up to him and placed him in custody. 

Police said Davis was hiding the container of heroin in his rectum. After an inventory of Davis’ car, officers found meth, a syringe, a digital scale and a kitchen spoon with residue on it.

Davis faces several charges including drug possession, resisting officer with violence, fleeing law enforcement and driving with a suspended driver’s license. 

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