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Florida Man July 9 Marvin Earl Tucker

Marvin Earl Tucker Was Arrested After Trying To Break Bad; Using A Hotel Room To Grow Cannabis | July 9

Orange County: Rule #1 of using someone else’s property to grow cannabis illegally; make sure you follow their rules. Florida man Marvin Earl Tucker was arrested after using a hotel room to grow cannabis plants.

A hotel employee told investigators she smelled the odor of marijuana when she went to knock on Tucker’s door after he did not check out at his scheduled check out time.

The employee told deputies when she entered the room she saw 12 cannabis plants. She made a phone to police. When they arrived on scene they noticed a clear glass jar containing a leafy green substance in Tucker’s room.

Investigators said they found a jar with cannabis, a gray scale, 12 cannabis plants, a Homebox tent with a heating lamp. The police waited for the man to return and arrested him without incident.

Tucker admitted knowledge of the suspected cannabis growing in the room and two glass jars of suspected cannabis found in plain view.

Marvin Earl Tucker, 28, was charged with cultivation of cannabis, possession of cannabis less than 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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