Brian Arrigo | Florida Man July 10

Brian Arrigo Was Arrested After Walking Up To A Cop, Taunting Him, Then Showing His Butt As He Walked Away | July 10

Charlotte County: Florida man Brian Arrigo was arrested after a deputy said he ran at him during an unrelated traffic stop. Arrigo then pulled down his pants, showed the deputy his butt, sat in a nearby wooded area and drank a beer.

According to the arrest report, Arrigo ran up to a deputy’s patrol car during an unrelated traffic stop. The deputy ordered Arrigo to stop, telling him sprinting up to any law enforcement officer wasn’t safe. 

As he was walking away, the deputy said Arrigo “pulled his shorts down and lifted his shirt up exposing his whole buttocks.” Arrigo turned around and looked at the deputy before pulling his shorts back up and walking into a wooded lot.

Once the deputy cleared the initial traffic stop, he walked up to Arrigo and found him drinking a 32 ounce Miller High Life. 

Brian Arrigo is now facing several charges including possessing an open container and exposure of sexual organs in a public area.

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