Rebecca Lynn Abbott | Florida Woman July 6

Rebecca Lynn Abbott Was Arrested After She Beat A Man, Broke His Cell Phone And Resisted An Office Who Was Arresting Her | July 6

Ocala: Florida woman Rebecca Lynn Abbott was just looking for some cash. She ended up after allegedly battereing a man, breaking his cell phone to keep him from calling 911 and then resisting the officer who was handcuffing her.

The victim said the altercation started when Abbott asked him for money from his bank account. He said when he tried to call 911, Abbott snatched the phone from his hands and broke it in two.

The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that Abbott struck him on the arms and pulled at his shirt collar. The victim’s shirt collar was stretched out, but the deputy did not observe any marks or bruising on his arms.

Abbott was locked inside a room when the deputy arrived. The deputy knocked several times and spoke with Abbott through the door before she opened it. The deputy advised Abbott there was probable cause for her arrest for domestic battery and tampering with a victim.

When the deputy tried to place handcuffs on Abbott, she tried to pull away. The deputy assisted Abbott to the bed and told her to lay on her stomach and place her hands behind her back, according to the report.

Rebecca Lynn Abbott was charged with domestic battery, tampering with a victim, and resisting an officer without violence after the incident

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