Todd Carey | Florida Man July 6

Florida Man July 6 Todd Carey

Todd Carey Was Arrested After Stealing An SUV, Pointing Gun At His Head And Getting Mad When The Officer Discovered His Ounce Of Meth | July 6

Bradenton: Florida man Todd Carey is facing multiple felony charges after cops say he stole a car and almost hit a deputy’s vehicle. He also had several illegal narcotics hidden in the vehicle.

An officer was leaving an apartment complex on an unrelated call when Carey was turning into the complex and almost struck the police vehicle. The deputy had received a call about a stolen vehicle matching the vehicle that almost struck him.

The deputy noted that the man also matched the description of the alleged perp. Carey exited the vehicle and when confronted by the deputy, pointed at himself and asked, “Who me?” Police said that he denied having any knowledge of a stolen vehicle.

The officer searched the vehicle and discovered a number of baggies with a powdery substance. There was another bag that contained a little over an ounce of methamphetamine.

When the deputy discovered the bag of meth Carey began screaming hysterically. He panicked and asked the officer what he was doing and why he had grabbed his meth.

Todd Carey was arrested and was charged with motor vehicle theft and possession of methamphetamine.

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