Terry Allen Savage | Florida Man July 5

Terry Allen Savage Pulls Dick Move, Steals Shotgun And Jewelry From Friend’s Parents While Asked To House Sit | July 5

Fort McCoy: Florida man Terry Allen Savage is in the Marion County Jail for allegedly stealing a shotgun and other items from a house he was staying at while the owner was out of town.

Police responded Saturday to a residence where the homeowner’s son reported his mother’s shotgun had been stolen. He said his mother asked him to check for her guns, which are kept in her bedroom closet. The victim’s son said he noticed a 20-gauge Mossberg shotgun was missing, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim’s son said a man – Terry Allen Savage – and a woman have been living in the home for the last month and are the only other people who have been in the home. The victim said she is currently working in Tennessee and let Savage and the woman stay at the residence for free to watch over her home while she was gone.

The victim’s son said Savage told him he took the firearm to his mother’s house so it could be secured and would not be stolen. Savage claimed he took the gun so he could go hunting and that it is at Savage’s mother’s house.

The deputy conducted an online pawn transaction search and saw that Savage had also pawned four gold rings, a single earring and a gold necklace pendant with the word “mom” in the center of it.

Terry Allen Savage was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with grand theft of a firearm, dealing in stolen property, and giving false information to a pawnbroker on items valued at less than $300.

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