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Aaron Wimes Used Toilet Paper To Start Fires In The Bathroom Of A Sports Store, Sticks Around While Police Investigate; Gets Arrested | August 6

Tallahassee: You gone done and messed up A-Aron. Florida man Aaron Wimes has been arrested for arson after police say he started a fire in the bathroom stall of a local sporting goods store not once, but twice.

Police responded to Academy Sports on Mahan Drive regarding a suspect trespassing at the store on Friday. The call notes provided said that a suspect attempted to start a fire inside a stall in the men’s bathroom. Police say the notes also indicated that the suspect had entered the store with a lighter in his hand.

When officers spoke to witnesses, they said that the suspect exited and re-entered the store multiple times.

The witnesses went on to tell officers that Wimes had started multiple fires at different times in the men’s restroom. Documents say that during both of the arson incidents, a witness caught Wimes inside the stall with a ball of toilet paper that was on fire.

Wimes was confronted both times and immediately stomped out the flames. He would leave the bathroom each time he was confronted but would return to the bathrooms shortly after.

When officers arrived on scene, they say Wimes was still walking around the store. He was detained and placed into a patrol car while officers continued investigating the scene.

Aaron Wimes was arrested and is being charged with two counts of first degree arson.

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