Fearea Sullivan | Florida Woman September 12

Fearea Sullivan Tried Robbing A Bank But Gets Denied, Claims Someone Is Forcing Her To Do It | September 12

Fort Pierce: A terrible attempt at a bank robbery led to the arrest of Florida Woman Fearea Sullivan shortly after the incident occurred.

According to reports, a bank teller told police a woman later identified as Sullivan gave her a note that read, “I want all $100’s and $50’s and dont press the button.”

The teller said when she finished reading the note, the woman said she needed $5,000. The teller told her she needed approval for that amount, and the woman said to give her $2,000. The teller again said she needed approval.

“Forget it, I’m just going to the Police Department,” the woman was quoted as saying. “A man entered my house yesterday and is forcing me to do this.”

The woman left the bank, got into a Lincoln Town Car and drove away. Police released a photo from security footage, and about 3:45 p.m. a tipster provided Sullivan’s name.

The Lincoln’s owner was in his room with Sullivan’s mother. He told investigators he drove Sullivan, but didn’t know she was going to try to rob the bank. He said Sullivan asked him to drive her to the bank so she could take money out of her account.

Fearea Sullivan was arrested and charged with attempted robbery.

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