Alex Bonilla | Florida Man July 17

Florida Man Alex Bonilla Arrested After Chopping Off Penis Of Man He Believed Was Sleeping With His Wife | July 17

Gilchrist: A lover scorned is one that you don’t want to get in the path of. Florida man Alex Bonilla was arrested after he chopped off the penis of a man he suspected was sleeping with his wife.

According to reports Bonilla broke into the man’s home, held him at gunpoint and tied him up. Once the victim was tied up, Bonilla took a pair of scissors and went Lorena Bobbit on him. The victim’s two children were home at the time of the attack.

Bonilla fled the scene with his severed penis, according to the victim. There was a county wide search for additional evidence, however police were unable to find any. It’s unclear as to whether or not the man’s penis was recovered.

While authorities were attempting to find a motive for the attack, Bonilla came clean and said he caught the victim sleeping with his wife back in May.

Alex Bonilla was arrested and is charged with aggravated assault, armed battery and burglary.

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