Joshua Bihorel | Florida Man July 18

Joshua Bihorel Drank Half A Bottle Of Rum, Drove Drunk, Made A Building A Drive Through, Spits On Deputies | July 18

San Antonio: Liquor and driving don’t mix, it’s something that seems to happen again and again with the folks in Florida. Florida man Joshua Bihorel was arrested after he crashed into a building and spit on deputies.

According to reports Bihorel crashed into a building on Curley Street before driving away from the scene and resisting arrest. Bihorel left without notifying law enforcement or the owner of the building. He also did not obey commands when a deputy tried to talk to him.

The deputy says he noticed Bihorel had slurred speech and a “strong odor” of alcohol, which he says grew stronger as he spoke.

Bihorel admitted to drinking “half a bottle” of rum in about two hours. He was taken to the hospital, so the deputy says he was unable to get a breath sample. At the hospital, deputies say he spit on a deputy multiple times even though he was wearing a spit mask and was told to stop by multiple deputies.

Joshua Bihorel was arrested and faces charges for DUI property damage, leaving the scene of an accident or crash with property damage, resisting arrest without violence, battery on a law enforcement officer and violation of probation.

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