Nicholas Wagner | Florida Man July 16

Nicholas Wagner Got In An Accident, Is Facing Charges After Going On A Taser Rampage, Tasing The Other Driver | July 16

Port Richey: What started out as a simple accident led to charges for a Florida man. According to reports Nicholas Wagner was involved in a vehicle accident over the weekend.

A man told deputies he was standing by with Wagner after the crash, waiting for police to arrive. At some point, the man said Wagner started to become verbally aggressive toward him.

Wagner pulled out a black square-shaped taser and sparked it a few times while threatening to tase the other man. The man told deputies Wagner reached out and tried to tase him, but he backed away. Deputies say Wagner then moved toward the victim a second time and was able to tase him in the center of the chest.

According to the arrest report, Wagner then started running around threatening to tase other people in the area.

Deputies say he started to run from the crash scene, but the victim who had been tased chased after him to make sure he didn’t get away. Wagner was knocked to the ground, but got back up and lunged at the victim with his taser.

The victim put his arm up to block the lunge and was hit with the taser on his bicep. Deputies say Wagner then threw the taser and hit the victim on his forearm.

Nicholas Wagner was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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