Terrance J. Peterson | Florida Man June 9

Terrance J. Peterson Got Into Argument With Wife, Shoots Her Alexa Then At Responding Police | June 9

When it comes to arguing with a spouse, tempers can sometimes flair. Florida man Terrance J. Peterson took that argument to the next level when he pulled out a gun and shot his wife’s Amazon Alexa device.

According to reports Terrance J. Peterson’s daughter called police to report a domestic dispute between her parents. The couple had been known to fight, but usually their arguments did not escalate to calling the police.

Peterson’s wife ran outside once deputies arrived. She had been battered and told police that her husband refused to leave his home. Peterson allegedly had a hand gun and semi automatic rifle inside. Deputies made the call to enter the home when Peterson continued to refuse to surrender.

That’s when bullets began to spray throughout the neighborhood.As the Sheriff’s Office exchanged fire while entering the house, a bullet struck a deputy in the leg. The bullet sliced through the large artery in his thigh that supplies blood to the lower body. As shots rang, other deputies worked to wrap a tourniquet around his wound.

When the bullets quieted, deputies could not get in contact with Peterson. The SWAT team and negotiators arrived, attempting to contact him until about 4 a.m. At that point, officers deployed a gas bomb inside the house and sent a robot in after. Through its camera, they saw Peterson motionless on the floor, blood trickling from his head.

Peterson was taken to hospital with life threatening injuries. If he pulls through, he will face charges including domestic violence and 5 counts of attempted murder.

The 2 deputies that were shot are expected to make a full recovery.

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