Armani Taboshi Smith | Florida Man June 10

Armani Taboshi Smith Was Arrested And Is Facing Charges In Connection With Multiple Robberies, Claims “Wasn’t Me” | June 10

Marion County: Florida man Armani Taboshi Smith is currently facing a string of charges after police caught up with him following a crime spree.

According to reports, police went to speaking with Armani Taboshi Smith regarding a series of robberies. He from detectives and was captured after a perimeter was set up and a K-9 unit and the sheriff’s helicopter was called into action.

Deputies said that the first robbery Smith was involved with happened in August 2018. Two males had driven to meet up with women they had met online. When they arrived, they were pulled from their vehicle, beaten and robbed.

Detectives recovered marijuana and a backpack at a residence where the two were carjacked. While processing the scene, detectives also found a ski-mask. The mask was sent for testing and it was discovered that it contained evidence linking it to Smith.

The second robbery happened in February 2019. A person told police that he messaged Smith on Snapchat about buying weed. He and three others met with Smith to do the deal. During the deal, he said, other people showed up and he was grabbed from behind. He said he was choked and hit in the head.

Smith is currently facing a number of charges including violation of probation, weapons offenses, drug possession and a DUI.

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