Stacy Chamberlain | Florida Woman July 14

Stacy Chamberlain Was Arrested After Getting Into Argument With Boyfriend, Assaults Him With A Sandwich | July 14

Holiday: Domestic disputes occasionally happen. Whether it’s an argument over what to watch, what to eat or something as simple as pets. Florida woman Stacy Chamberlain was arrested after assaulting her boyfriend… with a sandwich.

According to reports the incident started when the couple’s pets began to attack each other. The pet fight ended up causing an argument between Chamberlain and her live in boyfriend.

During the argument, Chamberlain threw a sandwich at her boyfriend. While attempting to clean up the mess, Chamberlian pushed the man causing a scratch.

Police responded to their residence and after speaking with both Chamberlain and the victim, ended up arresting the woman without incident.

Stacy Chamberlain was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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