Miguel Otero-Rivera | Florida Man July 13

Miguel Otero-Rivera Broke Into A Church Was Held At Gunpoint By Pastor Who Believed In Higher Power, His Glock 9 | July 13

Tampa Bay: People who go to church have faith in a higher power. In this case, the pastor believed in his glock 9. A quick-thinking clergyman at a Florida church held a burglary suspect, Miguel Otero-Rivera, at gunpoint early Thursday until cops arrived minutes later.

According to reports Otero-Rivera, allegedly tried to swipe a laptop from the church. He smashed a window before getting inside the building and knocked down several doors. He also left blood throughout the church after cutting his back on a window, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

The pastor spotted Otero-Rivera as he was exiting a food pantry operated inside the church — and said he would’ve helped the man had he simply spoken up.

Miguel Otero-Rivera was jailed Thursday on charges including burglary of an unoccupied structure and grand theft

Let he who is without sin kick the first ass.

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