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Breaking Sad? Nicholas Mason And Friends Arrested For Theft Of Thousands Of Oysters, Profiting | August 8

Santa Rosa: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) investigators charged four individuals after an investigation involving the theft of thousands of oysters from Pensacola Bay Oyster Company. Nicholas Mason, Douglas Lowery, Lesia Mason and Lonny Teston are charged in the scheme.

The suspects were involved in an illegal oyster operation. These violations are serious and posed public safety and economic consequences, according to Major Craig Duval.

FWC investigators were involved in an existing saltwater products investigation when they received information about the theft of Pensacola Bay Oyster Company’s lease. Throughout the investigation, FWC investigators worked closely with uniformed patrol to gather information and develop a list of suspects.

A search warrant was conducted at the home of one of the suspects and the FWC seized more than 4,000 oysters. Auburn University Shellfish Laboratory analyzed a sample of the seized oysters and determined that all sampled oysters were farm-raised and not wild-caught oysters.

Nicholas Mason, 35, and Douglas Lowery, 30, both of Milton were
charged with grand theft, dealing in stolen property, criminal mischief,
not delivering to a certified oyster house and other a half-dozen other
harvesting- and boating-related charges.

Lesia Mason, a
58-year-old Milton woman, was charged with grand theft, dealing in
stolen property and several charges relating specifically to the illegal
harvesting of oysters.

Lonny Teston, 46-year-old Pace man, was charged as an accessory dealing in stolen property.

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