Mitchell Helton | Florida Man August 7

Mitchell Helton Was Mad His Delivery Guys Were Late, So He Encouraged Them To Work Faster By Pointing A Gun At Them | August 7

Bradenton: Authorities say 55-year-old Florida man Mitchell Helton pulled a gun on a late-arriving furniture delivery team, saying he’s “shot people for less.”

According to reports, the delivery men called Helton to let him know that they were on their way. When they arrived at his home, they say Helton was upset because it took them so long to arrive.

As they unloaded the furniture, deputies say Helton pointed a gun at them. The men tried to deescalate the situation and told him how to file a complaint.

When men finished they called police to let them know what had happened. Police arrived on scene and questioned the man who said he couldn’t explain why he confronted the men with a gun.

Mitchell Helton was arrested at the scene and is charged with two counts of aggravated assault.

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