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John Womack Flashes Penis To Woman Saying “Look At This”; Gets Caught On Video, Denies It, Then Gets Arrested | August 9

Tallahassee: The Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office said 54-year-old Tallahassee man John Womack was arrested for flashing a woman at a liquor store in Panacea on May 1.

According to reports the victim told the sheriff’s office on the day of the incident that a man she didn’t know entered the liquor store and started talking to her.

She also told deputies he was acting strangely, paced back and forth, walked behind a display, pulled out his penis and said ‘Hey, look at this.’ The sheriff’s office reviewed surveillance footage from the business, and the man left the store, driving east on Coastal Highway in what appeared to be a silver Hyundai sedan.

After investigating, sheriff’s office detectives identified Tallahassee man John Womack as the man who exposed himself. Detectives interrogated him at the Criminal Investigations Division office on July 30.

Womack admitted he was at the liquor store, but while reviewing surveillance video with detectives, he told them he must have walked out of the bathroom with his penis still out of his pants. The sheriff’s office said the video showed that Womack never went to the bathroom. Womack denied asking the woman to look at his penis.

John Womack was arrested and has been charged with one count of indecent exposure.

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