Michael Holston | Florida Man August 11

Real Life Tarzaan Michael Holston Locked Up After Being Arrested For Burglary And Assault | August 11

Miami: Florida man Michael Holston known on social media as “The Real Tarzann” for his apparent connection with wild animals was arrested after allegedly assaulting two men.

The unconventional wildlife advocate was arrested Friday afternoon. Miami-Dade County Circuit Judge Richard Hersch ordered him to stay away from Hector Zelaya and Jason Leon.

Holston is known online as a wildlife advocate, boasting 5.8 million Instagram followers and more than 510,000 YouTube subscribers. His Instagram page shows his numerous interactions with wild animals, including giraffes, lions, and sharks.

He had previously worked with Miami-Dade’s Zoological Wildlife Foundation, where he filmed some of his videos. The organization told the Miami Herald it was “very surprised at Holston behaved” the day of his arrest, but declined to elaborate.

Jail records show that Michael Holston, 25, has been charged with burglary with assault or battery, felony battery, and misdemeanor battery. He was being held without bond.

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