Riccardo Smith Walden | Florida Man August 10

Riccardo Smith Walden Took Advantage Of A Blind Friend, Forces Her To Withdraw Money From ATM, Steals Pills And Her TV | August 10

Daytona: A Volusia County man is accused of forcing a legally blind woman to withdraw money from an ATM at gunpoint. Police in Daytona said that after Riccardo Smith-Walden robbed the woman, he threatened to shoot her if she called police.

According to reports, the victim told police that Smith-Walden came to her apartment last Friday night to have a few drinks. She said that while they were sitting on a couch, he pulled out what she thought was a gun, put it to her ribs and demanded she go with him to her ATM.

Investigators said the victim and Smith-Walden are acquaintances.

The victim said after she withdrew cash, they returned to her apartment, where Smith-Walden threatened to shoot her if she called police. Smith-Walden is also accused of stealing a TV and pills from the victim before leaving.

Riccardo Smith Walden was arrested and is facing numerous charges. According to the arrest report, a lewd and lascivious molestation charge is also being investigated against the man. The woman’s young daughter said the suspect touched her inappropriately during the night when her mother briefly dozed off.

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