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A Florida Man Was Looking For Love, Went To Meet Up With A Woman For A Date, He Got Beaten And Robbed Instead | June 26

Miami: Meeting people on the internet has become a cultural norm. But as the saying that we just made up goes, you never know who’s on the other end of that keyboard. A Florida man looking for love was robbed and beaten instead.

Police are investigating after a man was held at gunpoint, beaten and had his car stolen in Miami. The carjacking occurred at about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday at West Buena Vista Park on Northwest 45th Street.

Mohammad Nizar, the manager of a nearby Valero gas station on Northwest 12th Avenue, told Local 10 News the bleeding victim ran there for help. Nizar called police.

The victim told him he was carjacked by two men and a woman and was hit in the face before the trio took off with his car. He said they had a gun.

Detectives at the scene said the victim expected to meet with a woman for a date, but that expected date was really an ambush. Police interviewed the victim and attempted to trace his cell phone location but were unsuccessful in their attempts. The investigation continues.

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