Jonathon Stokes | Florida Man July 10

Jonathon Stokes Is Facing Charges After Posting Revenge Porn On Snapchat; He Was Upset His Partner Didn’t Watch His Dogs | July 10

Deland: Florida man Jonathon Stokes was upset that his sexual partner may not have watched his dogs while he was away. As an act of revenge, Stokes posted a video of one of their sexual encounters to Snapchat.

DeLand resident Jonathon Stokes told deputies he posted the video “out of spite” and without the consent of his sexual partner.

The victim told police that Stokes did not think she had been watching his dogs while out of town. He then began posting angry messages on his Snapchat story. She said he then posted a sex tape of the two of them that she had agreed to record but did not consent to posting on social media.

When deputies contacted Stokes about the video, he initially denied posting it. By the time deputies talked to him, Stokes had deleted the video, but later admitted to posting it, saying a friend advised he delete it.

Stokes was arrested and booked at the Volusia County Branch Jail on a misdemeanor charge of sexual cyberharassment, or revenge porn.

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